1978 -  The "New Drummer"

After Laurie Driver left he Band, they needed a new Drummer as fast as possible. So John Towe got into the Band to play a few gigs till they find a permanent new Drummer. John Towe came Back in 1979 to play at the last few Shows. The Adverts played there first Gigs outside the UK/Irland

Tourdates 1978 February till April

Date Country City Venue Support Setlist Comment
15.03.1978 UK Northhampton Cricket Ground No John Towe's last Gig, exact Date is Unknown
12.03.1978 Belgium Brussels Vieux Saint-Job No
10.03.1978 Netherlands Amsterdam Paradiso Yes
04.03.1978 UK Glasgow Queen Margaret Union No
28.02.1978 UK Bristol Lucamo No
26.02.1978 UK Croydon Greyhound Yes
25.02.1978 UK London N.E. Polytechnic No
24.02.1978 UK Cambridge Corn Exchange No
21.02.1978 UK Birmingham Barbarellas No
20.02.1978 UK Birkenhead Hamilton No
19.02.1978 UK Redcar Coatham Bown Dick Envy No
18.02.1978 UK Manchester University No
16.02.1978 UK Lancester University No
16.02.1978 UK Coventry Locamo No
12.02.1978 UK London The Roundhouse Yes Release on "Red Sea - Ultimate Edition"
11.02.1978 UK Colchester University of Essex No
10.02.1978 UK Brighton New Regent No
09.02.1978 UK Derby Kings Hall No
07.02.1978 UK London Grey Old Whistle Test Yes
01.02.1978 UK Yorkshire TV Calendar Yes New Church on TV