In 1988 touring got continued. The Band even got to John Peel for a Session. Even new Songs got into the Setlists. But still no Record Company knocked the door. Well maybe next year.

In 1988 there was another Cheap Song released "Buried by the Machine" on the Casette to the Grim Humor Fanzine. It was taken from the John Peel Session.

"Buried by the Machine" got a Videoclip this year, not really surprising that no one saw it?

In the End of 1988, the Band booked a little Studiosession themself, playing with the Idea of releasing a Single. But both Songs end up on a Samplers. "Silicon Valley Holiday" on "A Pox on the Poll  Tax" in 1989 and "200 Blows" on the "Dissident Fanzine" in 1993.